Friday, 17 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Moonlight Obsession

One of the first products I made (very long ago in SL time) for my shop was a set of avie antlers with a nice color change decoration on each horn. They seem to sell once in a while, mostly to Tinies, and after seeing the new ones from Moonlight Obsession (SLurl) it's pretty clear I need to update my work. The "MO-Horns-Moon's Mist-White" I got with a Kudos Prize Ticket are fabulous. To me, the delicate primwork is the highlight. Working with small prims is very hard but Lunaria Eclipse did very well. The dangling ribbons are an extra-nice touch. XCite scripts are built-in so your horns can emote like this [16:18] MO-Horn L1-Moon's Mist-White: Uccello Poultry gently slides her horns against you rubbing softly to feel tingles down her spine. Whether you regularly use a Fantasy avie or not, these horns are a good addition to anyone's Body Parts collection.
If you collect Kudos, contact me in-world mentioning this post and with the phrase "Honk My Horns" and I'll send you a prim that you can rez or wear to add some "Summer of Blog" Kudos to your total (of course, only 7 people and if you've gotten them before it won't count, but thanks for reading).
Update: 12:38pm SLT 18 July ... Just gave out the 7th one! Please keep reading! You never know when I'll post again!

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  1. Thank you for such a kind review and I hope you all enjoy them :)