Friday, 31 July 2009

Leaderboard Update - 31st July


Eek... is it Friday already???!

All-Time Kudos Leaderboard...

1) Helen Daines 3275

2) Nya Raymaker 3260

3) Taonuviel Furuseth 3250

4) Bird Susa 3210

5) Cherry Kirktown 3110

6) Chun Cheng 3025

7) Matthew Masingh 2990

8) Tichelle Teebrook 2920

9) Angelfire Teebrook 2905

10) Lalinda Lovell 2885

11) Geniveve Boucher 2880

12) Atriel Starbrook 2850

13) crystalbozek Parx 2810

14) Harmony Halfpint 2750

15) Mana Honi 2685

16) FireClaw Foxdale 2680

17) Izo Ryba 2655

18) Moon Fairymeadow 2645

19) Jarod Beaumont 2615

20) PrincessZelda Nitely 2595

Biggest Gains - Last 7 Days

1) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 1580

2) melanie Keneinan 1295

3) BlueNiam Okelli 1165

4) Rebekah Sass 625

5) BetterLow Price 610

6) AltaBella Nieuport 500

7) Russ Carlberg 485

8) Jaden Darkwatch 455

9) Daphne Minotaur 450

10) Roxi Cale 445

11) Ushima Panthar 425

12) deby Turbo 420

13) Gaultry Blackburn 410

14) Zoom Blitz 405

15) Misae Silverfall 400

16) CanabiBrat Kass 390

17) Skaja Carter 350

18) FireClaw Foxdale 345

19) Mana Honi 340

20) Kimberly Warwillow 335

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Haven Designs

If you look in my inventory you'll see that I have forty-one sets of silks from from nearly a dozen designers. That doesn't count the ones I have in storage or in my twin/alt's inventory. Over the last year I may have discarded that many silks. So why did I want the Haven Designs (SLurl) *HD* Dara Silks - Gold? Just look at the picture ... they are gorgeous! The detailed prim work on the arm band and skirt is about as perfect as can be. The bows are just the right size and beautifully accented by decorative rings. The textures are good quality and stand up to inspection with few flaws. What I really like is the shoulder cape. This bit is not typical to silks and adds an exciting flair to the overall design. My inventory has some room for genuinely nice sets like this one.
Maybe silks aren't for everyone, but Kudos certainly are. If you haven't gotten the "Summer of Blog" points yet, contact me in-world and I'll send to you a prim you can rez or wear that will add 15 points to your total. Limit of seven readers, please.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Leaderboard Update - 24th July


The 3,000 Kudos point barrier has been broken! - Congratulations to Helen, Nya, Bird and Taonuviel! :)

All-Time Kudos Leaderboard....

1) Helen Daines 3070

2) Nya Raymaker 3040

3) Bird Susa 3010

4) Taonuviel Furuseth 3005

5) Cherry Kirktown 2970

6) Chun Cheng 2840

7) Tichelle Teebrook 2795

8) Atriel Starbrook 2740

9) Matthew Masingh 2690

10) Lalinda Lovell 2675

11) Moon Fairymeadow 2645

12) crystalbozek Parx 2625

13) Angelfire Teebrook 2605

14) Harmony Halfpint 2590

15) Geniveve Boucher 2580

16) PrincessZelda Nitely 2470

17) Izo Ryba 2410

18) Fnordian Link 2365

19) Jarod Beaumont 2355

20) Mana Honi 2345

Biggest gains - Last 7 Days:

1) Zoom Blitz 1460

2) Skaja Carter 1160

3) deby Turbo 1105

4) Herrick Lane 1070

5) Russ Carlberg 905

6) Sigil Jinx 650

7) BB Schmooz 645

8) Dan Blogger 595

9) Phil Chronowire 550

10) Tehya Madonna 515

11) Chi Vaniva 505

12) Rebekah Sass 500

13) Cherry Kirktown 465

14) Chun Cheng 460

=14) Ipin Zhangsun 460

16) Taonuviel Furuseth 455

17) Lunaria Eclipse 390

18) Bertrand Baroque 380

19) Ayo Arun 365

20) Helen Daines 360

Flickr Picks, 24th July


The Ancient Tiki Gods have cast their (increasingly irregular) eyes over the Lucky Tribe Flickr Pool, and have deemed the following submissions worthy of a Kudos award...

Devil Chair @ D&V 2

RachelJane Swanson supplies new photographic evidence that the D&V chair is possessed by the devil! (And apparently the owners of D&V found her impromptu chair-mods so amusing that they're now a permanent fixture!)

Fnordian Link sings the

Fnordian Link celebrates a full collection of Lucky Fish (Perhaps prematurely ... Sorry Fnord'... we've just released a whole new set of fish into the wild!) - click through to see this masterpiece in detail!

Mushi-King Dance

...and Bird Susa has posted a whole bunch of captioned photos from the King Amanita event. Bird has already picked up the Flickr Kudos prize once, but we loved her pics so much that we thought these were worth another honourable mention :)

Congratulations to all our snapshot winners!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Kero's Toy Box Store

:::giggles insanely as she tags everything in sight::: I need to earn more Kudos as I just used my last Prize Ticket on this really fun gadget from Kero's Toy Box Store (SLurl), a "golden" spray paint can that writes any Graffiti you want in a variety of colors and your choice of three fonts. Each letter is a prim so you'll need build rights where you want to do your tagging. Since I see myself using this to make temporary signs for sales and events where I work this should not be a problem. Certainly any merchant or builder will love this, but even the imps among us will appreciate this prize. Especially when you consider similar products are in Kero's store for L$300 !! BTW . . . Do you need more Kudos, too? The first seven people to give me a holla in-world with the phrase "I be spittin' overkill tag wit fatcaps" will get a prim they can wear or rez for 15 Kudos. If you've nabbed the Summer of Blog Kudos from me before just hold tight and let someone else get them. Like any Kudos you can only get them once. Got our seven as of 10am SLT 23 July. Keep reading!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Moonlight Obsession

One of the first products I made (very long ago in SL time) for my shop was a set of avie antlers with a nice color change decoration on each horn. They seem to sell once in a while, mostly to Tinies, and after seeing the new ones from Moonlight Obsession (SLurl) it's pretty clear I need to update my work. The "MO-Horns-Moon's Mist-White" I got with a Kudos Prize Ticket are fabulous. To me, the delicate primwork is the highlight. Working with small prims is very hard but Lunaria Eclipse did very well. The dangling ribbons are an extra-nice touch. XCite scripts are built-in so your horns can emote like this [16:18] MO-Horn L1-Moon's Mist-White: Uccello Poultry gently slides her horns against you rubbing softly to feel tingles down her spine. Whether you regularly use a Fantasy avie or not, these horns are a good addition to anyone's Body Parts collection.
If you collect Kudos, contact me in-world mentioning this post and with the phrase "Honk My Horns" and I'll send you a prim that you can rez or wear to add some "Summer of Blog" Kudos to your total (of course, only 7 people and if you've gotten them before it won't count, but thanks for reading).
Update: 12:38pm SLT 18 July ... Just gave out the 7th one! Please keep reading! You never know when I'll post again!

Leaderboard Update - 17th July


All-Time Kudos Leaderboard....

1) Helen Daines 2710

2) Nya Raymaker 2705

3) Bird Susa 2680

4) Atriel Starbrook 2595

5) Moon Fairymeadow 2570

6) Taonuviel Furuseth 2550

7) Matthew Masingh 2545

=7) Lalinda Lovell 2545

9) crystalbozek Parx 2540

10) Cherry Kirktown 2530

11) Tichelle Teebrook 2515

12) Geniveve Boucher 2460

13) Angelfire Teebrook 2450

14) Harmony Halfpint 2440

15) Chun Cheng 2380

16) Fnordian Link 2365

17) Izo Ryba 2350

18) Mana Honi 2345

19) FireClaw Foxdale 2335

20) Jolly Lovenkraft 2325

Movers & Shakers ... biggest Kudos gains in the last 7 days...

1) RachelJane Swansen 1050

2) Chani Galthie 655

3) Hilena Capalini 640

4) Herrick Lane 510

5) Faithanne Braveheart 350

6) Mederia Seerose 330

7) Mik Mandelbrot 325

8) Fox Ruissatel 310

9) Ursa Marenwolf 305

10) Russ Carlberg 295

11) Sierra Magic 280

12) luce Turbo 275

=12) Izo Ryba 275

=12) Ipin Zhangsun 275

15) AsgeirrEinarr Raynier 270

16) Geniveve Boucher 255

17) Chun Cheng 245

18) Webgoddess Mars 245

=18) Jata Fall 245

20) Kalleigh Lemon 225

Friday, 10 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Over Cie's

As a builder I'm always on the lookout for new textures to keep my work fresh and original so I'm very glad I found Over Cie's (SLurl). The set of eight textures pictured here should look great in a Retro 60's club I've got in mind for a client. All the textures I've seen at the shop, be they the Prize texture set , the reasonably priced regular stock, or the freebies, all seem crisp and fast-rezzing. Well worth a look for any builder from beginner to expert. Don't forget to tag the Midnight Mania while you are here and check the Kudos-giving Lucky Board.
If you've read my posts before, you know the drill ... the first 7 people to drop me a line in-world get a prim they can rez or wear to add 15 Kudos to their totals. I'll also send anyone two custom crafted Utamaro-style artwork I've created (until I post another Prize Spotlight). Either way, mention this post and the phrase "Art Brightens Life" to get the prize(s).

Current Leaderboard (10th July)


Greetings, stat-fans!

To date, 9,237 people have won a grand total of 32,066 Lucky Tribe awards (or, 776,020 individual kudos points!).

All-time Kudos Leaderboard:

1) Helen Daines 2620

2) Nya Raymaker 2605

3) Bird Susa 2565

4) Lalinda Lovell 2545

5) crystalbozek Parx 2540

6) Atriel Starbrook 2535

7) Cherry Kirktown 2505

=7) Matthew Masingh 2505

9) Moon Fairymeadow 2475

10) Tichelle Teebrook 2395

11) Angelfire Teebrook 2390

12) Taonuviel Furuseth 2375

13) Mana Honi 2345

14) Fnordian Link 2340

15) Harmony Halfpint 2290

16) FireClaw Foxdale 2275

17) Geniveve Boucher 2205

18) Jolly Lovenkraft 2195

19) Jarod Beaumont 2150

20) Chun Cheng 2135

Movers + Shakers ... biggest Kudos gains in the last 7 days:

1) Kalleigh Lemon 530

2) Trace Neutron 495

3) Muffy Babii 405

4) luce Turbo 350

5) CatOfShadow Snowpaw 340

6) Michi Fhang 335

7) Solare Firehawk 325

8) Cassie Lisle 320

9) albinovulcan Nosferatu 285

10) RachelJane Swansen 250

11) Cazzandra Zane 250

=11) Merician Lacava 250

13) FireClaw Foxdale 245

14) Trafford Newey 240

=14) Russ Carlberg 240

=14) Scottie Muircastle 240

17) Nya Raymaker 225

18) Kahlan Kharg 215

=18) Izo Ryba 215

=18) Geniveve Boucher 215

Smallprint: As always, leaderboard totals do NOT include venue owner and beta tester kudos bonuses!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Ritual of the Elements


The Elemental Tikis

Introducing... the Four Elemental Tikis

The Elemental Tikis represent the "classical" elements of ancient philosophy and magick: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Every member of Lucky Tribe has a special affinity to one (and only one!) of the four Elemental Tikis. This affinity is permanent, and - once discovered - can never be changed.

A new Lucky Tribe ritual has been revealed, through which you can deduce your own elemental affinity. The ritual involves the use of a Scrying Pool, and a Hookah pipe. Knowledge of the precise ritual is a little fuzzy at present ... but a small number of Lucky Tribe Members have already deduced the basic techniques of hydromancy, and have been able to identify their own elemental affinity (earning a special 40 point Kudos award). As with all Lucky Tribe rituals, the process depends on co-operation, organization, and knowledge-sharing. The Lucky Tribe group chat is a good (?) place to begin your quest for knowledge :)

A few ritual items have been placed at Tribe HQ, for general use by the tribe. Alternatively, you can purchase your own hookah and scrying pool from HQ, and experiment with the ancient arts of hydromancy at the location of your choice (all sales contribute to the ongoing upkeep of Lucky Tribe!)

How will your elemental affinity affect your future adventures in Lucky Tribe? Only the ancient Tiki Gods know the answer....

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: CC Decor

When Shep announced there was a store called CC Decor (SLurl) I had to check it out as my brother is named CC. No relation to the shop, of course, but I did make a landmark for him because he'd love the furniture, like this "Natural Calm" bedroom set I got with my latest Tribe Prize Ticket.
The bed has 18 poses for intimacy and nine for cuddles. The lounger has poses, too, which was a surprise. I didn't expect more than just a simple sit, but it has five total. Very, very nice. Silly me, I should have had higher expectations considering how well the six-piece set is made and textured. Run out and get more Kudos! Maybe from one of the three three Lucky Chairs on site. Whatever you have to do, this bedroom set is something you should put on your Want List.
Speaking of wants ... do you want 15 Kudos? The first seven tribe members to contact me in-world mentioning this post and using the phrase I love to cuddle in bed will get a special prim they can rez or wear for the points. If you've gotten the special 15-pointer before please crawl back in bed for a snooze and give someone else a chance.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Photos


Things have been slowing down in the Lucky Tribe Flickr group of late (I guess many of the regular visitors have won the kudos badge now), so this might become a slightly less-regular feature in future weeks. However - before this particular award sinks into hiatus hell - there are a couple of new submissions that the Ancient Tiki Gods believe deserve full recognition...

Nya Raymaker added a whole series of snapshots chronicling her aventures in the Fnordian-Moon Labyrinth:

2 now that is definitely vegetarian

6 hah - I gotcha - dinner time

(see, I *told* you to take a salad fork!)

And finally - (I couldn't resist ending on this) - Airlia Illyar captures VictoriaRose in a compromising position...

You go BOOM!
BOOM! (Luckily, VR remembered to wear undies that day!)
Thanks to everybody who has submitted a picture to the Lucky Tribe group :)