Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Photos (12th June)

The Ancient Tiki Gods shirked their photo-judging responsibilities last week (they were away at an Ancient Tiki God convention, or something like that), so these selections were plucked from a slightly bigger pool than usual...

First up: Atriel Starbrook leads the Tiny accessibility campaign at Tribe HQ....

Tribe HQ - Now Loco Poco Friendly!
(click through to see the bigger - more readable - version!)

Adeline Valeska tests the theory that Fish Tiki gives prizes to anybody wearing a grass skirt and coconut bikini top...

Old Timey Saucy

...while Anistacia Markova attempts to please Fish Tiki using entirely different tactics:


And finally, a 4th "bonus" place, since we had a skip week last friday....

Lillybabe Teardrop takes her revenge on a Lucky Fortunes machine...


(we also noticed Lillybabe wrecking revenge on a poor, defenceless Lucky Chair, elsewhere in the flickr pool. We figured we'd better give her a prize before she decided to turn the boxing gloves on US)

The senders of all these pics should be receiving a kudos award in-world very soon :) ...keep submitting your Lucky Tribe snapshots to the flickr group... we'll announce more winners next week!

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