Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: The PoP Dept. Store

It was inevitable, I suppose, that I'd use this blog for some shameless self-promotion, but I just updated the Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket reward at my shop, The PoP Dept. Store (SLurl) and it's my biggest one yet - four beach hammocks! I wanted to celebrate upgrading my Lucky Cupcake to a full Lucky Chair that gives 25 Kudos along with a custom-designed bamboo beach bar. And if you contact me in-world saying that you read this blog post and use the magic words Beach Bunnies I'll give you a prim you can rez or wear that adds 10 Kudos to your account plus a special fifth hammock in soft blue tones. Only the first 7 people to have not read the blog before get the Kudos but any Tribe member can have the hammock. Hurry!

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