Saturday, 27 June 2009

Snapshot Contest

Readers of a nervous disposition may wish to skip this post...

Like all the very best prehistoric deities, the Ancient Tiki Gods were never averse to a spot of good ol' fashioned ritual violence and human sacrifice. This week - in commemoration of the new "adult content" continent opening its doors - we've selected three pictures showing the darker side of Lucky Tribe. But don't worry; we'll be back to the usual mix of fluffy bunnies and hula skirts next time!

Sawed off head

Taonuviel Furuseth loses her head over a Kudos badge.

So Much Pain, So Little Kudos Gain

Tichelle Teebrook finds hidden kudos (sorry about the dress!)

Waiting for VR at Detonation

...and Matthew Masingh finds his "detonation" addiction so overpowering, that he's now moved on to getting his fix from higher-calibre explosives.

If your picture was featured above, be sure to check your inventory for a special Kudos gift from the Ancient Tiki Gods!

Didn't win this time? ...keep posting your Lucky Tribe snapshots to the official Lucky Tribe flickr group! -

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