Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: C&S Designs

C&S Designs (SLurl) sells some very attractive furniture and has two Kudos-bestowing Lucky Chairs. I sat in one recently and noticed a very nice 10-prim tropical beach lounger set available for one Kudos Prize Ticket. I put it on my list of 'want' and came back today after collecting enough points. Is there a better way to celebrate Summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) than to kick back and relax on the beach? And this is a good set for that ... all pieces are linked for easy positioning, the sculpties are fast-loading, and the textures are very nice. Each chair has a comfy pose, too. Now look at that pic ... don't I look good on it?
Celebrate Summer with this set and some new Kudos! The first seven blog readers to contact me in-world mentioning this post and the phrase "No More Sand In My Butt Crack" will get a prim to rez or wear that gives them fifteen Kudos! That's right! More than my previous blog Kudos! If you won any of the 10-pointers you are eligible to win these!

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