Thursday, 18 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: The Midnight Diamond

Over time I've gotten pretty good at beating prims into submission so that I can make jewelry but when it comes to getting the textures right ... I still need to work at it. So when I saw these rings at The Midnight Diamond (SLurl) I couldn't help but be impressed. Click the pic for a good look and you'll see how well these are textured. They have a luster that is rare to find and a tastefully elegant design. This is well worth spending a Prize Ticket. If you don't have enough Kudos, sit in the chair at the same spot and earn some more.
Or contact me in-world for a ten Kudos prim (rez it or wear it) if you haven't previously received one of these. And since today is my birthday, I'll give the Kudos to the first fourteen people to wish me "Happy Birthday" and I'll give you a special bikini that I made.

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