Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: Bittersweet

The latest rage in Second Life is the Cupcake so it make sense that you'd want to shoot someone with these tasty treats. Thanks to Bittersweet (SLurl), you can indulge your whim with style and zero calories for just the cost of a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket. While you are at the shop, take your chances with the Lucky Cupcake (how appropriate) outside. You might win a holdable basket that gives out the most elegant cupcakes I've ever seen.
Like my previous posts, the first seven Tribe members to contact me to say cupcakes are delicious will get a special prim to wear or rez that adds 10 Kudos to their totals. If you've already won this goodie, please sit on your hands for now as once you've got one a second (or third, or...) doesn't add more points. 17:44 SLT We've reached the 7 reader/responder limit. Thanks to all for checking out the blog. I'll do this again later in the week!

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