Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: AmberMyst Botanical Gardena

As a landscaper I appreciate having a wide variety of flora in my inventory to best suit the client's needs and the environment around the main build. AmberMyst Botanical Gardens (SLurl) has some wonderful plants to choose from and many are in the two Kudos-bestowing Lucky Chairs, the Midnight Mania, and the Lucky Cupcake. But if you have a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket you can get this nice set of Asparagus Ferns.
Using magical sculptie technology, these low-prim delights are very attractive for most any build as this variety can be grown in most climates. So whether your landscape is tropical or temperate, the Asparagus Fern from AmberMyst would be a nice compliment.
Do you know of a shop with a great prize? Drop me a note card in-world with some details it could be featured on this blog. Or if you just feel Lucky, the first 7 people to contact me in-world and mention this post will get a special Kudos prize of 10 points (sent via a prim in-world).
UPDATE: 01:13pm SLT ... seven people have contacted me. Keep an eye on the blog for more such offers!


  1. Thank you for such a great review! It is always nice to know when someone likes your work and I tried to make this something special just for this event. In fact, this set up is not available any other way but through the prize redemption spot.

  2. I Love Ambermyst products. They are realistic and oh do beautiful. She has alot that are only 1 prim so you can have a wonderful landscape. I only buy my botanical from here. Check it out!! I know you will fall in love just as I did!!!!