Thursday, 28 May 2009

Introducing Mentor Tiki

Mentor Tiki arrives at Lucky Tribe HQ

Early-morning visitors to Lucky Tribe HQ might have spotted a new face today - Mentor Tiki has arrived!

Mentor Tiki brings a new tribe ritual with him, and a big 70-point Kudos badge … but be warned; the test of Mentor Tiki is not to be entered into lightly!

* * * * * * *

Mentor Tiki’s test begins with a small ritual, to be carried out by two players:

The first participant - The Mentor - must have a kudos score HIGHER than 700 points.

The second participant - The Student - must have a kudos score LOWER than 200 points.

The mentor must stand by the torch to the left of Mentor Tiki, and the student to the right. Both participants should then light their torch (all it takes is a click, on the torch itself.)

Once both torches are burning, the Mentor and Student most both speak the word “AWAKEN”, to wake Mentor Tiki from his slumber… both participants need to say this simultaneously, before the torches burn out (the torches will remain lit for about a minute).

Mentor Tiki will confirm the eligibility of the participants, and - if both participants have suitable levels of experience - will declare the ceremony a success. From this point on, the Mentor and Student are irreversibly linked together in the eyes of Mentor Tiki!

UPDATE: As of 15th September, you are allowed to annul "bad" student/mentor relationships, providing that at least 30 days have passed since the mentor ceremony took place. To annul the ritual, the Mentor must stand before Mentor Tiki, and speak the words MY STUDENT SUCKS! - the phrase must be upper case, and include the exclamation mark at the end.

It’s now up to the Mentor to teach their student learn the ways of the Lucky tribe. You might like help your student through the initiation ritual… or show them how to play the various Lucky Tribe mini-games… or watch out for Kudos boosts that they can use during your travels. The more you help your student, the faster you’ll pass the test! Only when the student has become sufficiently experienced in Tribe Lore, scoring more than 700 kudos points of their own, can the mentor return to Mentor Tiki’s head, and click to claim the reward - a 70-point “Lucky Tribe Mentor” badge!

Important things to know:

  • Once the student has passed 700 Kudos points, he/she can become a mentor too, and claim a student of their own.
  • Be warned that some new arrivals to the tribe *might* already have more than 200 points of Kudos, which they picked up through casual chair hopping. Make sure you check their scores before attempting the mentorship ceremony!
  • If you make a mistake during the ceremony (e.g. clicked on the wrong torch, or unintentionally paired up with the wrong partner), DO NOT wake up Mentor Tiki - just wait for the torches to extinguish, then try again. ONCE MENTOR TIKI WAKES UP, ALL MENTOR BONDS ARE FINAL!

* * * * * * *

I hope you enjoy Mentor Tiki’s test, and that the process helps some of our newcomers find their feet within Lucky Tribe. While I appreciate the fact that some people will just bond themselves to an alt, and power-level their way through this award, I think the people who play this one the “right” way will have a *far* more enriching experience… so consider your options carefully before stepping onto Mentor Tiki’s dais. This test involves trust, co-operation, good judgement of character, and perhaps, at times, a little drama - but that’s all part of the Lucky Tribe experience!

Good Luck!

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