Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Photo Prizes!

It's Friday! ...and that means, it's time for the Ancient Tiki Gods to browse the official Lucky Tribe Flickr group, and select their favourites.

Token Tiki found this contribution from Melisa Homewood to be particularly pleasing. He's now considering making hula skirts and flower Leis mandatory wear for anybody seeking a prize token. Thanks Melisa!

Thank you token tiki

We also loved Gammelor Weatherwax's outfit... perfect attire for the Fnordian Moon Maze...

Gammelor Weatherwax in the Fnordian Labyrinth - II

And finally, just to prove that this isn't turning into a fashion blog, we've selected this picture from FlutterGirl Looming - taken at the Paris Mushroom Hunt - which only goes to prove the theory that "bright green and spotty" is Mother Nature's way of saying "Don't eat me!"

It gots meh D_

Congratulations to all winners (or, at least, to the ones who are still alive!). Kudos Tokens are in the mail.
There'll be another batch of Lucky Tribe snapshot winners next Friday... so keep your submissions coming!

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