Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Professor Korvin's Mysterious Mycological Muddle

The latest BIG Lucky Tribe event kicked off at the weekend... mysterious mushrooms are popping up all over the Paris New York sim... collect the rarest (and highest-scoring) bundle within each 20 minute round to win prizes and Tribe Kudos! There are also instant prizes up for grabs if you find the green spotted toadstools, and a very special kudos award for players who successfully harvest the Champignon DorĂ©  - the rarest mushroom in all paris!

Lucky Tribe Mushroom Game Kick-Off

A rare appearance from the professor at the start of the event. Photo courtesy of AnnMarie McCellan.

The sim has been getting packed solid at peak hours, thanks to the current wave of mushroom mania ... so if you're having problems with your foraging, please try to call back at a less-busy time - rest assured that there are plenty of mushrooms to go round! ;)

Start your mission at the stall underneath the Eiffel Tower - Good Luck!


(Note - this game works best with the very latest version of the Lucky Tribe HUD - v1.2!)

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