Thursday, 21 May 2009

Leaderboard - Thursday

It's few days since I last posted one of these, so here's a freshly-generated Kudos leaderboard!

I'm in two minds as to whether to continue with these, since it might (slightly) alienate newcomers to the Tribe... and the game was never intended to be an outright points battle. Of course, you'll always be able to check out the points totals of any tribe members in your immediate vicinity via the tribe HUD, and claim bragging rights (and/or a smug sense of superiority) that way ;)

Any thoughts?

1) Lalinda Lovell - 1320

2) Atriel Starbrook - 1255

3) Bird Susa - 1205

4) Chun Cheng - 1190

5) Serenity Semple - 1160

6) FlutterGirl Looming - 1145

7) Lea Vendetta - 1105

8) AnnMarie McCellan - 1050

9) Armandi Goodliffe - 1045

=9) Tichelle Teebrook - 1045

11) Tsubaki Ushimawa - 1035

=11) Moon Fairymeadow - 1035

13) Geniveve Boucher - 1015

14) Matthew Masingh - 1005

15) Denim Robonaught - 985

16) Jarod Beaumont - 950

17) crystalbozek Parx - 935

18) innerlight Wirefly - 895

19) VictoriaRose Daniels - 890

20) Eleniel Galaxy - 880

(as always, these totals exclude special badges given to venue owners and beta testers!)


  1. Is this a "all time collected" stats? Cause if I use kudos the number I got will surely drop, right? But I want to use them :-))

  2. @Anonymous - you keep your points, even after you've claimed a token, so don't be afraid to spend them!

    Prize Tiki is a *very* diligent accountant.

  3. I'm not for nor against the 'leaderboard' listing.. but I agree posting it makes things seem more like a competition... personally the main reason I like to see it is so I know how many points are possible, and thus how many I might still have yet to collect. I'd much rather see some sort of breakdown of what points are available.. not necessarily specific chairs etc.. but more like "Lucky Chairs=400pts total", "Games/Events=300pts", etc.. that way people can see where they stand without having the competition aspect of individuals. But I'm fine either way :)

    Off to snag some more!

  4. I have 945 points, but I'm not listed. - Kira McCallen

  5. These figures are a week old Kira ;)