Saturday, 23 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Lucky Designs

Everyone in the Tribe knows that gathering Kudos is just part of the fun. The instant wins we get from Lucky Chairs, Cupcakes, Fishing, and other activities as we earn Kudos are also a blast. But Have you experienced the rush of cashing in a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket yet? Anytime you gather 100 Kudos points, touch the pictured Tiki at Lucky Tribe HQ (SLurl) and you'll be given a ticket to trade in at a partner store (Disclaimer: My shop is a Partner store).
I traded in my first one at Lucky Designs, our Tribal Chief's store (SLurl) for a BidBox, the nifty merchandise auction system he developed a couple years ago. I love shopping with auction systems at it lets me bid at or below what I think is a fair price for an item. What I hadn't thought of, though, is using a BidBox to clean my inventory. I found that you can auction off transferable but "No Copy" items. This is great if you bought an outfit or item that you later changed your mind about having. Just box it up again and auction it off!
This is the first of many posts (I hope) featuring fabulous prizes from Lucky Tribe Partners. With the list growing quickly I have a lot of ground to cover. You can help by posting a comment to this post with information about a prize you'd like featured on the blog (sure, from your shop is okay) or drop me a note card in-world. After this post I won't play favorites and will try to pick randomly, but as I'm using the Tickets that I earn I might have a bias toward prizes I want. Keep in touch, yall!

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