Sunday, 31 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Boots by Rathwynn

When Shep sent out a group notice about trading Lucky Tribe Prize Tickets for weapons at Rathwynn's Arms and Armor (SLurl) I nearly fainted. Sadly, I couldn't get there until the next day but I was thrilled to find that I could get medieval boots and a weapon for one ticket! You get both men's and women's combat-ready (Spellfire4 & DCS2) styles, too. The blade has custom draw/sheath animations and textures. The best news? If you aren't in the Tribe you can't have the well-made boots! They are exclusive to us! Here's an exclusive offer for blog readers: Contact me in-world and mention this post specifically and I'll send you a prim to rez or wear that gives you 10 Kudos! (Requests closed 9:40pm SLT ... got all 7.)
You will also have a chance to earn more Kudos, too, with four Lucky Chairs (though sign placement leads me to believe only two give Kudos. I don't know.) While you are there, browse around to see the fine weapons and other unique medieval role play items. This is the only shop I've seen inSL that sells a box of meat.

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