Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday Photos (29th May)

Our favourite snapshot this week came from Vivienne DuFaux - "Help! The Fishing Tiki mistook me for the Green Lucky Fish!!!"

HELP! The Fishing Tiki mistook me for the Green Lucky Fish!!!(Matthew Masingh submitted a very similar shot, but we thought this one had the edge in terms of artistic composition. Plus, we can't really condone people who just sit back and watch while Fish Tiki snacks on innocent mermaids... better luck next week Matthew!)

Second choice goes to Bird Susa. Rule of thumb: any pic showing Victoria in a compromising position has to be worth a prize! ...though we loved all of Bird's captioned pics!

And finally, another pic from the Labyrinth (possibly the most photogenic lucky tribe location of all!)... Moon Fairymeadow takes afternoon tea with the maze dragons, and script-meister extraordinare, Fnordian Link.

Tea and Tips with Moon and the Maze Dragons
Thanks to everybody for their submissions... the ancient tiki gods will be selecting another three snaps next week!
Lucky Tribe Flickr Group

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