Friday, 29 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Eyes by Skinthesis

Lately I've been shopping for eyes with several people, and whenever I can I recommend Skinthesis - Lucky Tribe Prize: Special Elements 4-pack Eyes, available from Skinthesis, of course (SLurl). Well textured, fast rendering textures are used and you get a wide variety with four colors in three iris/pupil sizes. This means regardless of you avie size, you can have the right match. The pic shows the Dark Everglades model, a nice deep green. Obviously, they are No Mod, but they are transferable so if you don't need all the colors you can make a nice gift for someone. My alt is going to be very happy with the Amber Ice eyes. By the way, check out the unique skins available. Why be "ordinary" when you can be SLextrarodinary!
Thanks for checking out the blog. Like last time, the first seven people to contact me in-world and mention this blog by topic will earn 10 Kudos points (sent via a prim you rez/wear).

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